Make it clean

Make it a Clean Sweep this Summer Are you off work during the school summer holidays? why not have your chimney swept now rather than wait till you need to use it in the autumn. ProSweep offer time chimney sweep appointments so you will not need to

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Ten comandments of using your stove

1)Burn Wood only 2) Burn dry wood only 3) Burn dry untreated wood only 4) Burn with enough air so plenty of bright orange flames 5) Don’t slumber burn overnight 6) Sweep regularly 7) Install a correctly sized appliance, don’t oversize resulting in having to slumber to

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Buy With Confidence Chimney Sweep

Buy With Confidence Chimney Sweep At ProSweep we are a professional chimney sweep, who are members of Buy With Confidence and monitored by Devon Trading Standards. We are trained specialist in SnapLok “Power Sweeping” as well as traditional brush chimney sweeping, so you can be sure we

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Why sweep my chimney / liner in the spring?

Why sweep my chimney / liner in the spring? Deterioration of masonry and corrosion of liners Leaving the residue from the heating season in your chimney flue actually wears out your masonry faster and increases the likelihood that you’ll need costly repairs.  Soot and water make acids

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Tips on burning wood safely & efficiently

Only burn firewood and kindling. builders scraps, painted, treated or any varnished wood releases chemicals into air and is not very healthy to inhale in your home. Only burn dry, seasoned wood, logs that have been split, stacked, and dried for at least 12 months. If possible

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How to choose the right wood

How to choose the right wood It is very important that wood is dried before burning; otherwise much of the heat generated is wasted burning off water and producing steam. Freshly harvested wood contains a naturally high amount of water, between 65-90% depending on the species. It

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Is a Chimney Sweep clean or dirty?

Is a Chimney Sweep clean or dirty? When you have a chimney sweep clean your chimney the last thing you want is a clean chimney and dirty house. That’s why ProSweep Professional Chimney Sweep, serving Newton Abbot, Torquay, Chudleigh and Bovey Tracey make sure that when our

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Don’t push your luck

Bovey Tracey chimney sweep is reminding people to check their flues before lighting a warming winter fire, with a mild winter so far don’t put off having your chimney swept and push your luck and hope that you will not have a chimney fire. ProSweep covers the

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Dartmoor Christmas

Here we are on a wet and windy day on Dartmoor, sweeping just before Christmas 2015. Book your professional chimney sweep with ProSweep 01626 832051

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