What services do ProSweep offer?

What services do we offer? Here at ProSweep, Devon’s professional Chimney Sweep you can rest assured that we will take care of your chimney sweep in a safe and efficient way. As an extra peace of mind we have been approved by Devon County Council’s trading standards and we can confirm that we are proud members of their Buy With Confidence scheme, not many sweeps meet the high standards of services  set by them.

When we do a chimney sweep we use various wire and polypropylene brushes to clean part of your chimney. Using a special industrial Micro- filter Vacuum that we run constantly throughout the sweep we catch even the tiniest dust particles; we leave your chimney clear and safe to use. After our clean, you can safely heat your home knowing that a highly trained Chimney Sweep has meticulously inspected, cleared and cleaned your chimney.

We also take care of wood burners and flues aswell, so if you need yours cleaned you have come to the right place. We believe in 100% transparent pricing, the price that we quote is the price that you will pay so there will be no nasty surprises.

At ProSweep we are professional chimney sweeps and this is our full-time business, we do not sell logs or coal, we are not builders or roofers that do a bit of sweeping when quiet. When we sweep your chimney our aim is to get you the best chimney clean possible: we sweep to a high standard and not to a low price!

Why choose ProSweep for your professional chimney Sweep?

  • Thorough chimney cleaning with a HEPA filtration vacuum cleaner
  • Chimney inspection & survey
  • Cleaning service of Rayburn, Aga stoves
  • Smoke draw test for solid fuel & gas type chimneys
  • Flue surveys
  • Discounts for regular customers
  • CCTV inspection with specialist chimney camera
  • Removal of vermin such as Birds & Squirrels
  • Chimney Certificates of Cleaning Issued
  • Stoves repaired, refurbished and parts replaced

ProSweep offer premium services without a premium price tag, we are cheaper than you may think.

Open Fire Chimney Sweep

£55 (or £50 with regular discount)

Your chimney will be thoroughly swept, the back shelf will be vacuumed, the fire-back will be scraped clean, and the fire basket and all other apparatus parts are scraped and vacuumed. Your stove will be cleaned and the fireplace hearth will also be vacuumed; we aim to leave your hearth as clean as we found it or even cleaner if we can! A smoke test and certificate will be included.

Stove and Chimney/Flue/Liner

£55 (or £50 with regular discount)

For this service your chimney will be thoroughly swept, stripping out the stove of the baffle plate and the firebricks including cleaning out the stove. We will check the stove and door seal condition. We will also clean the glass and the brass fittings. A smoke test & certificate will be included.

Unlined Stove

From £65 (or £55 with Regular Discount)

Clean burning Wood Burners(where there is a registry plate through which we sweep and has to be cleaned off)
Your chimney will be thoroughly swept, stripping out the stove of the baffle plate and the firebricks including cleaning out the stove. We will check the stove and door seal condition. We will also clean the glass and the brass fittings. A smoke test & certificate will be included.

Aga/Rayburn Clean

£55 (or £50 with regular discount)

We can take care of your annual Rayburn or Aga clean. This involves cleaning the stovepipe with flexi-rods and other specialist stove cleaning equipment. In addition, the heat plates will be removed and the heat chambers will be cleaned to clear out any soot. A smoke test & certificate is Included in the price.

Inglenook Clean

From £70

Birds Nest Removal

From £110

For first 90 minutes, there after £30 per additional hour. Nest can take from an hour to all day for very large nest. The price includes sweeping of the chimney and a camera inspection. This is for a standard size open fire, Inglenooks and large chimneys are priced accordingly.

Key Collection & Return – £20

Collection of property keys from designated location prior to and return after chimney sweeping service.

Certain times of the year are very busy for us, such as autumn, spring and especially Christmas so please be prepared to be patient! We will do our best to take care of you as quickly as we can, but at times of high demand there may be a delay in returning your call. During the summer months we naturally not so busy so please consider getting your annual sweep or clean booked in at this time of the year if you can. In the meantime we really look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regular Discount

Regular customers discount. We are delighted to offer a £5 discount for your loyalty when having your chimney or flue swept before the 12-month anniversary of your previous ProSweep.  To take advantage of this great offer please present last year’s sweeping certificate from us when we arrive.  We recommend you contact us 4 weeks before you require the sweep, to ensure we can get to you in time.


Payment is due at the end of each appointment. Card payment is our preferred method of payment, we are also happy to accept cash or cheques. Only pre-arranged accounts will be invoiced all others payment on the day upon completion.


If you have to change or cancel our services please give as much notice as possible. We have allocated time in our day specifically for you and late notice cancellation may mean we cannot re-book. We may have turned away other customers if we have a full day. We reserve the right to charge a fee in the event that no-one is home when we attend the property and/or we cannot gain access. We also reserve the right to charge in the event of a last-minute cancellation.