time to spring clean your chimney?

When’s a smart time to have your chimney cleaned?  The obvious time is when you’re not actively using your chimney, making the decision to have it swept in the spring or summer.  However, if you are an experienced user of solid fuel you know only too well that the earlier you have your chimney swept, the better—for many good reasons.

5 Reasons to book your chimney sweep this spring

1.Extend the life of your investment Soot is very acidic. If soot sits inside your chimney all summer, it will eat away at the mortar in your chimney, or will corrode the steel if your chimney is lined (often the case if you have a stove/wood burner). Relining your chimney is very expensive – it ranges from a thousand to several thousands of pounds.

2. Shorter waiting times. You book the sweeping appointment for a time that is most convenient for you. Because ProSweep schedule is more flexible at this time of the year, it is easier to accommodate your needs. You also avoid the 4 (or more) week wait that happens when appointments are made during the very busy season that starts again in August.

3. Identify problems early. Having it inspected and serviced in the spring or summer means if we discover any issues there is time to order parts and get fixed before you need it. Some parts may need to be ordered from manufacturers which can lead to further delays to you.

4. Peace of mind. You’re only insured in case of chimney fire or fireplace related problem for 12 months from the date your chimney was last swept. If you routinely have your chimney swept in the busiest time of the year, will we be able to get to you by the anniversary of your last sweep? If you have your chimneys swept in the summer, it won’t matter if you miss it by a few weeks as you won’t be using the fire anyway.

5.Confidence. If there’s a cold snap in September, how confident are you about lighting your fire? If your chimney is dirty, do you really want to risk a chimney fire? If not, you’ll have to live through the cold snap without a fire, while you’re waiting for your appointment which could be a couple of weeks wait.

Book your Chimney Sweep this spring

With health, safety, comfort and convenience in mind, it really makes the most sense to service your fireplace in the Spring. Those are our Top 5 reasons to book your chimney sweep & service in the spring. Can you think of any others? Message us your thoughts and we may update this article thanks to your input. Whilst many of our competition have understandably raised their prices this year, we have been able to keep our prices down, whilst we have no intention or putting them up it is perhaps inevitable our charges will have to increase sometime in 2022. So, another reason to have your chimney sweep booked this spring is to beat any price increases that we may have to make.

We hope this helps you better care for your home with proactive planning and stress saving techniques. Our goal is to help you feel cool and calm, safe and cozy in every way we can.

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