Getting the fire you have always wanted

Real fireplaces are now incredibly popular in the UK. As professional chimney sweeps, we know how many more people are ‘coming home to a real fire’ and enjoying the look and comfort of a woodburning stove or open fire, whilst for many it is still their main source of home heating.


But if you don’t know how to use your fire correctly, you could not only be wasting money, but damaging your appliance, your chimney and polluting the environment.


As professionals, we visit hundreds of houses, bungalows and cottages each year and see first-hand how an incorrectly used fire or stove will result in poor heat output but also serious consequences to their health and property. How many times we are told by someone new to burning wood that ‘a mate told me I can burn anything on a stove’ or ‘there is no need to waste time on seasoned wood’ or ‘all fires will produce creosote’. Of course, all these are inaccurate.


By following a few straightforward guidelines, you can have the safe roaring fire you’ve always dreamed of! We will show you how you can

Save you money on your heating bills

Help you choose the right wood to burn

Ensure that you logs are the correct size

Reduce the risk of chimney fire

Help to reduce your contribution to air pollution

Please click on the links below to watch 2 great films on how to get the best out of your fires.


Getting it Right

Moisture Meter


If you would like more information on getting it right, please contact your local ProSweep on 01626 832051 or visit the Burnright Website (who have given ProSweep permission to use their fabulous videos) where there is so much information you will become a firBurnright chimney sweep