While professional chimney sweeps like us at ProSweep Devon stay busy year-round, keeping your fireplace in tip top shape, we notice a quieter season from spring right through to early autumn. The same goes for firewood suppliers who work tirelessly to meet demand throughout the year. However, many people wait until the colder months to buy firewood, facing unexpected challenges when winter finally arrives. Here’s why summer is the ideal time to get ahead of the curve and ensure you have a warm and cozy winter:

    Guaranteed Supply: During winter, high demand can quickly deplete firewood stock. By purchasing in summer, you secure enough logs for the entire season, avoiding stressful last-minute trips and potential shortages.

    Convenience Reigns: Buying firewood in summer allows for easier storage and preparation before the cold arrives. You can enjoy winter evenings by the fire with peace of mind, knowing you have a well-stocked supply. Imagine stacking logs comfortably in warm weather, rather than battling the winter chill!

    Faster Deliveries:  Summer means shorter wait times. Unlike winter’s potential delays of 2-4 weeks, you’ll receive your firewood promptly during the off-season. Many suppliers have dry, ready-to-deliver logs readily available.

    Summer Fire Fun: Don’t forget, firewood isn’t just for winter! Use it for summer evening fire pits or bonfires, adding a smoky touch to your grilled food. Firewood also enhances camping trips and outdoor events, providing warmth and ambiance on cooler summer nights.

In Summary:

Summer offers several advantages for buying firewood: guaranteed supply, convenient storage, faster deliveries, and even summer uses for the logs. Don’t wait for the winter rush – secure your firewood now and enjoy a worry-free cozy season by the fire.

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