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We have arrived at that time of year again when summer is a long distant memory and the clocks have changed so it gets dark far too early and there is only one thing to do: to drink hot chocolate in front of wood burning stove. But before you light the first fire of winter you must first check that the stove and its flue is in full working order. To help you get into shape for winter ProSweep Professional Chimney Sweep have put together a guide to help.

  • If you have not done so already contact your professional Chimney Sweep. All stoves need to have the chimney even if connected to a steel flue cleaned at least once a year not only to remove any soot or creosote deposits but also to ensure there is no blockage such as birds nest.
  • Have you bought your Seasoned or Kiln dried wood yet?
  • Check air and ventilation holes are free from any debris build up; this will make sure there is a constant flow of oxygen to your fire so it’s as efficient as possible.
  • Clean all ash & debris from ash pan.
  • Check condition of the firebricks, look for signs of damage, as these reflect the heat back to the fire therefore protecting the body of the stove and improving its effectiveness.
  • Clean the door glass. Creosote on door glass is a sign of incomplete burning, so start the season with clean glass to monitor how well you are using your stove.
  • Check the condition of the door seal around the edge of the door. If it is old or worn you should get it replaced to improve efficiency
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For more information on getting the best out of you stove visit our video pages to see how you could achieve the fires you were always dreaming of.

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