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Its January and you are now back at work and the big question is, what can I do with my Christmas tree once I pack away the tinsel, baubles and lights in the loft for another 12 months?

Ash for your garden

Because most evergreens are heavy sap trees, they work best for firewood when used outdoors. The sap is flammable and creosote build-up can pose as a threat when used indoors. Evergreens tend to burn hot and fast, making them ideal for bonfires. Mix with compost then put the ash of the garden, the potassium rich ash with provided added nutrients will help plants to flourish.

Insulate your Garden

Cut off the branches of your tree and lay them on your garden bed, the boughs will protect your plants from winter freezes and spring thaws. By laying them on your garden you’re giving your plants a steady temperature to brave through the cold months.

Bird feeder

Dead or alive, your old Christmas tree is a great place to hang tasty titbits for your favourite garden birds. Plant it in the ground or a heavy pot and dress the branches with bird food such as fat balls to halved coconut shells filled with seed or nuts.

Air Fresheners

If the needles on your tree are still green, strip the tree and bag the needles in paper bags or sew into a cloth bag to use as fresheners. The needles will retain their scent and freshen your home year-round. Alternatively mix with cinnamon sticks & water in a heatproof bowl and place in a warm spot and let the fragrance fill your room.

Replant it

Even if the root has been chopped off. Just plant in a pot with compost, water it regularly and see what happens. It might grow.

Toss it into your fish pond

Want to create a peaceful habitat for your fish? Place a few branches from your old Christmas tree inside the pond. This will provide shade in summer & a place for the fish to hide.

Recycle it

Take it to one of the many Teignbridge recycling points.

But make sure you take off all the decorations.


What ever you do don’t chop it up and put on your fire, as the wood will spit and cause a chimney fire!!Devon Best chimney Sweep