When booking your appointment, ProSweep will provide you with a 2-hour time slot in which they aim to arrive.  Due to the nature of our business, ProSweep may be running behind or ahead of schedule, but we will endeavour to contact you and keep you informed of our estimated time of our arrival. However, sometimes this is not possible when working in areas with poor/ no phone signal.


Cancellations made by the customer less than 48hrs prior to the confirmed appointment time will still be charged at £50 per chimney. If ProSweep cannot access the property to sweep the chimney, regardless of reason, a charge of £50 per chimney will be issued.

Key collection

A surcharge of £20 will be required, if ProSweep are required to collect or return keys to an alternative location prior or post sweeping.


Please ensure that ProSweep have easy and accessible access to a parking space at your property to enable them to unload their equipment.  If permits are required, please arrange for this to be in place prior to the appointment and inform ProSweep asap that this will be required. If you are aware that parking is an issue at your property, please ensure that you inform ProSweep of this at time of booking.

Work area

ProSweep require a space of approx. 6-foot in front of the hearth.  Please remove any objects, ornaments of values from this area prior to their arrival. ProSweep will provide suitable floor coverings, but if the weather is poor, you may wish to cover any carpets with cloths to ensure they do not get marked whilst equipment is being moved.  You do not need to cover furniture around the hearth.


ProSweep request that your pets are kept away from the entrance to your property and the hearth whilst they are working to ensure your animals are safe and not frightened by the sounds of having someone in your home.

Your Appliance

Please ensure that your appliance has not be used at least 12 hours prior to your appointment to ensure it is cool and safe to clean with all ash / debris having been removed. If we cannot sweep because your appliance is still warm you will be charged a fee of £50. If you are aware of any damage or broken parts / fire bricks please make ProSweep aware and they shall also keep you informed as to any wear and tear issues that your
appliance may have and will advise you accordingly.

ProSweep will not be held responsible for any incorrectly fitted appliances


Faults are often discovered as part of the sweeping process; for a chimney and items connected to the installation to be considered fit for use, it must be in such condition that it can be safely cleaned and tested. If damage is discovered during sweeping, this suggests an underlying fault which simply was exposed by the sweeping process; examples of this include cracked & damaged firebrick, decayed and rotten liners, or bird guards where fittings have become rusted and then dislodge during sweeping.

ProSweep will not be held responsible for any such faults or as any further damages caused because of said faults.