Why You Should Use Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln dried hardwood logs are the best firewood for your home and your family. The reason is simple science. When you start a fire, what you want to generate is heat. But before you feel any heat from the wood any moisture trapped within the logs has to be removed. Every bit of water in the wood stands in the way of this.

Wood holds a great deal of moisture. This is one of the reasons that trees are such a successful form of life. Even when they are perfectly dry on the outside, a tree can hold gallons upon gallons of water. It can retain this moisture years after the tree has been cut down. Although this water is essential to life, it does you no good when you are trying to heat your home. As much as half of the weight in a piece of wood can be water. It steams and smokes as it burns, and none of it helps you to keep your house warm.

Dry firewood burns cleaner, warmer, and better. Every bit of water that you can get out of the log makes it better firewood. Think the amount of energy required to boil a kettle of water, there is only so much energy trapped in the wood if it is being used to covert the moisture into steam it means less heat for your home.

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