When is the best time to sweep my chimney?

Now is the best time.
There are a number of reasons for this amongst which are;
As your fire has had fairly recent use the soot is still dry and can be removed better.  It is always a good idea, if there is a delay between the last fire and the sweep calling, to have a small last fire a day before the sweep’s call, ensuring dry soot and a good job.  Damp soot is more likely to be turned into mud and stick in the flue, eventually falling off when you light up for the first time, this may leave  you with the impression that the sweep did not do a good job!

Damp soot left in the chimney for the summer months does no good to the structure of the chimney.  Older flues with brick/cement etc.  will start to rot as soot plus moisture produces an acid, which attacks the inside of the flue. If you have a stainless steel flues are susceptible to rusting from damp soot.

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If the winter returns in late August you will be ready! We will be busy from August on wards , so you may have to wait longer than you wanted to. With the longer summer evenings we can sweep later in the day, or you may be off work looking after children during the school holidays- no need to book the time off work.