Why ProSweep recommend fitting a flexible flue liner to all stove installations.

An open fire can burn at 10 K/W with only a 20% efficiency – meaning 80 % or 8K/W of heat  is escaping out of your home and keeping the chimney warm and keeping the flue gases rising. In comparison a modern 5k/w multi-fuel stove can be over  80% efficient meaning only losing 785 watts (0.785k/w) to the chimney, this is not enough heat to keep flue gases rising in a cold masonry chimney or a cold 8″ clay lined chimney.

This is only one of the many reasons why we want to re-line a chimney with a smaller diameter flexible liner and back fill this with Vermiculite insulation.

If you are thinking of installing a stove this winter please call ProSweep for free advice, we do not fit stoves but are more than happy to offer advice  to ensure you get an appliance that works , can be swept and is safe.

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