What is really happening with Wood Burners? The truth behind the headlines.

Wood burners are not being banned.

You can buy a new wood burner or keep using your old one.

New wood burners that are ECO DESIGN 2022 compliant are the cleanest and most efficient they have ever been.

Wood burners are not being banned.

You can keep using your old one. There is no retrospective legislation forcing you to stop using your old stove, but since new stove are super-efficient- up to 80%- it might be a good idea, especially if you have a really old one.

New wood burners will comply with a new European regulation that controls emissions in the form of particulates as part of something called Eco design 2022, as it comes into force in 2022.

Most quality stove manufactures stoves already reach and, in some cases, exceed the new regulations. Another reason not to buy a stove on the internet.

House coal will be phased out and eventually almost all forms of coal will no longer be sold.

Firewood logs will need to be seasoned, meaning thoroughly dry and less than 20 % moisture content.

It has been found that burning wet wood is one of many causes of a certain type of pollution that also comes from Diesel engines.

Wood as a fuel in the form of fire wood is still a renewable biomass solid fuel, unlike gas or oil it actually does grow on trees.