The  Valliant stove thermometer is a temperature indicator tool that at a glance will tell you if your stove is burning at an efficient temperature.

What I love is the simplicity; it has a thermal expansion coil that affects the needle as your stove warms up which enables you to best gauge when to re-load your stove before it drops out of the efficient zone.
As you should only be purchasing an efficient wood or multi-fuel stove, in excess of 70% efficiency and only burn well-seasoned firewood to maximise on the heating efficiency, this also therefore serves to give you an idea of how dry your supply of logs are by the way they burn and the temperature output.
Upon lighting our very efficient modern wood burner, we can see the chimney warm and heat output rise to an efficient burn within 10 minutes of lighting.
Modern stoves efficiency comes from “complete burn” compared to the inefficiency of “slumber burning”. Slow burns produce more dirt, tarring & general combustibles in your chimney; this alone is a good reason to have a stove thermometer as its use has made for a very clean chimney with minimal soot, not to mention “clean burn” which is good for neighbours and the environment!

Every homes stovepipe and chimney set up is different therefore it’s advisable to play around with height of the gauge in order to find where you see your stove thermometer delivering the best readings.

Whilst it does state it can be placed on the stoves body that is often awkward for ease of viewing and not necessarily most accurate, (e.g. cast iron stove vs steel body stove, heat retaining panels etc) ..I recommend placing the thermometer on the initial straight run of pipe out of your stove (about 8-12 inches above the stove).
This isn’t a mere gadget when set up properly, it’s actually quite inspiring and re-assuring, part of my essential stove kit. Plus it also reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep a regular temperature in your home.
No tools needed to set up, simply attach (magnetic) when your stove is unlit and cold to your stovepipe and adjust over a few days to find the best most believable reading, whilst using good quality firewood.
These are simple, and very good at optimising the fuel needed to load in your wood-stove.

Would I recommend them? YES.

Do I use one on my own stove? YES .

I have given them to friends and family who are new to Wood burning stoves to help keep their stoves burning to its maximum efficiency.
ProSweep are proud to be offering these for sale for only £7.50 against the Recommended Retail Price £11.99 or the best price on Amazon £10.50.Similar thermometer can also be bought from Mole Valley Farmers for £14.88.