Thinking of booking a chimney sweep

How long does it take to Sweep a Chimney?

It normally takes us between 40 minutes – 1 hour depending on what size, length and type of Chimney that you have and of course how dirty it is.

Do you make a Mess?

No we don’t. On a Normal Sweep, we always try to leave the property at least as clean as when we arrived. We put down Sheets to Protect your Carpets / Floors. We also always screen off the front of the Fire when Sweeping and use a very Powerful Vacuum to stop any Soot escaping into the Room.

How Often should my Chimney be Swept?

As a Minimum, each Chimney should be Swept and checked at least once a Year and because of this we try and remind people when their Chimney is due for a Sweep.

This is backed up by the Fire Service, who specify that Chimneys should be Swept:

– At Least Once a Year When Using Smokeless Fuels

– At Least Once a Year When Using Bituminous Coal

– Every Three Months of Use When Using Wood, (Usually Twice a Year).

How can I pay for my Chimney Sweep?

ProSweep can now take most major debit and credits cards as well as cash or cheques.

Chimney Sweep Chudleigh

            Chimney Sweep Chudleigh


We are now fully booked up to Christmas. Contact us to book for January 2020!