Although lockdown number 2 has just been announced , it is still important that people to have their chimney swept to prevent potentially fatal chimney fires. To this end ProSweep will still continue to work during this period as I believe that if both parties comply with ProSweeps Covid policy, risks are minimized; and it is essential you have your chimney swept at least once a year for safety reasons.

As Chimney sweeps we are able to continue working at this time due to the fact according to the govermnets criterior we can be classified as an essential profession beacause of the points below:

• Our work is essential to prevent injury to the public from a variety of potential health hazards

• Our work is essential to the protection of property

• Our work is essential for maintaining primary and secondary domestic and commercial heating system

• Our work can only be undertaken on site and not from home.

• Our work prevents incidents which would place additional stress on already stretched emergency and public services.