Millions of people in rented accommodation will soon be safer as the Government moves to make sitting carbon monoxide (CO) alarms mandatory. From October private landlords will be breaking the law if they fail to install CO alarms in the properties they let out.

This is an important step forward in keeping the UK safe following years of campaigning from groups such as CO – Be Alarmed. This year’s CO – Be Alarmed campaign has focused on keeping private renters safe from carbon monoxide (CO).

CO is a deadly gas that cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. The only way to know it is there is by installing an audible alarm. Too few households, including renters, currently have an alarm due to a lack of awareness and legislation. CO – Be Alarmed research has shown most believe it is their landlords responsibility to fit an alarm.

Lawrence Slade, spokesperson for CO – Be Alarmed said:

“This is wonderful news. The majority of private renters falsely believe it is up to their landlord to keep them safe. Thankfully private landlord’s moral responsibility for their tenants’ safety will soon become a legal responsibility. The important thing to remember is this will keep renters safe.

“However, the work is not done. There are still far too many people unaware of the dangers of CO and too many people who lose their lives each year. We want government to work with campaigners to raise awareness even further and to extend legislation to cover social landlords too.”

If you live in rented accommodation and do not have a carbon monoxide alarm, inform your landlord that ProSweep can supply an approved carbon monoxide alarm next time we sweep your chimney.

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