Maintaining Your Chimney Liner and why it is Important


What is a Chimney Liner?

Chimney liners are most commonly made using stainless steel. They are usually attached to wood burners and multi-fuel stoves. Liners are helpful in taking any harmful gases out into the air, rather than allowing them inside your property.

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel liners don’t last forever, however there are lots of little things you can do to aid their longevity and hopefully provide you with years of trusted service.

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Stainless steel flue liner liner before being ‘dropped’ into a chimney

Here are some top tips that are well worth a couple of moments of your time to read and check, they might just save you some cash!


Be Careful When Choosing What to Burn

If you have a wood burner or a stove, I am sure you will always be on the lookout for potential free fuel. Yes, you could burn those old fence panels, old pallets and the chopped down tree that your neighbour gave you. However, a cautionary warning; burning wood that is not dry and well-seasoned will probably cost you more in the long run. Wood that contains too much moisture does not burn clean and causes a much harsher build up of soot and other deposits. This, over time, can cause damage to stainless steel liners due to the deposits being corrosive. Burn dry, well-seasoned wood and your chimney liner will last longer, this will save it from needing to be replaced so quickly.


Don’t Mix Wood & Coal

Mixing fuels, even in a Multi Fuel stove can absolutely contribute to liner failure. Of course, you can burn either wood or coal individually (if you have the correct stove type), but not at the same time. So, you might be wondering what the concern is; the problem comes from the sulphur in the coal combining with any remaining moisture from the wood (even well dried wood contains some water content) and creating an acid. This acid is corrosive and damages the chimney liner! Whilst on the subject of fuel, another note to be aware of, is that it is imperative that you take a look at your appliance instructions for details of permitted fuel types, as some manufacturers will specify that you can only burn up to 20% smokeless fuels, it is well worth a look so that you don’t unknowingly invalidate your warranty!

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ProSweep Damaged liner due to mixing fuels

Get Your Liner Swept Frequently

Getting a professional chimney sweep to visit frequently is imperative to keep your liner in good condition, and most importantly safe. The frequency of sweeps is determined by the type of fuel you burn, you can always ask us as your Devon professional Chimney Sweep to advise you. Spring or Summer is an excellent time of year to get your sweep done. You don’t need to use your appliance during these warmer seasons, and you don’t want to leave nasty, corrosive build-ups sitting inside your liner; get your chimney or flue cleaned as soon as you no longer need to use your wood burner or stove again for the year.

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Why Slumbering Your Stove is not a Good Idea

The act of slumbering your stove is simply using the controls to turn it down, and close off some of the air supply. Many people use this method to reduce heat, but although many modern stoves offer this option, it does not mean it is a good idea! Burning fuel at a lower temperature creates lots more smoke, which causes more tar and build up to occur, this is not good for your liner, and it is certainly not good for the planet either! Save yourself some cash and do your bit for the environment by refraining from putting your stove into slumber.



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