flexi liner

Wood stoves are notorious for producing vast quantities of creosotes along with water vapour .If you burn wet unseasoned logs, and if the appliance is fitted to a non-insulated flue, tar will quickly build up in the cold flue; you then have a sure-fire (pun intended) recipe for disaster. Wood stoves should only be fitted to well insulated flues, and must only burn well seasoned wood. Then they must be swept every three months when in use. Unless this advice is followed the flue can become so tarry that no amount of sweeping will make any difference, (think of the tar on the road surface and the effect of pushing a brush over it) the only answer will be to have your chimney reamed out, and hope the chimney will stand up to such violent action.

If you have read this and can’t remember the last time you had or flue swept, or if you have been told that your liner does not need sweeping, perhaps its time you booked your ProSweep chimney sweep today.

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