Devon and Somerset Fire crews deal with ‘a chimney blaze a day’

Fire crews in Devon and Somerset have been called out to at least one chimney fire a day, managers have said.

Devon and Somerset Fire Service dealt with more than 40 fires in May, a rise of 25% on last year.

Fire investigation officer Mike Burrows said it was partly down to an “unusual May” which has been “fairly cold”, meaning more people had been using open fires and wood burners at home.

The service said regular chimney cleaning  could prevent fires.

Mr Burrows said: “Part of it is that people are feeling cold, and it’s part people lighting the fires past their normal burning season.

“They think ‘I’ve got the whole summer to get my chimney swept’ and they haven’t got round to it yet.”


Now that summer is finally here and you have stopped using your open fires  or the woodburner. Now is the time to get your chimney swept rather than leave it till the winter when we are busy and you may have to wait before you can relight your fire. But also it will prevent a possible soot fall and damage to carpets.

The summer is also the perfect time to buy your coal and wood.