Are you Carbon Monoxide Aware?

Please read the following article to inform you of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, many people wrongly think carbonmonoxide poisoning can only occur with a gas boiler.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Checklist
Check the colour of the flames in your appliances. If they are orange, there may be a problem. Whatever the colour, you should get your gas appliances serviced every year.

Make sure your chimney / flue isn’t blocked. If you have birds nesting in it, remove the nest and then fit a guard to stop them nesting in future. If you have plants growing up your outside walls, make sure they aren’t blocking the flue. It is very important to get your chimney flue checked.

Do you have an eye level gas grill? These can be particularly dangerous so check yours is working properly. Older cookers can cause problems so use the electric toaster instead. Get your cooker checked now!

Is there enough ventilation in your home? Check that any airbricks aren’t blocked. If your windows are double-glazed your appliances may not have enough air and they could produce carbon monoxide.

When were your appliances last checked? Get them checked every year – don’t leave it to chance. Use only qualified engineers and ask to see their ID cards.

Do you suffer from any unexplained illnesses such as  tiredness, muscle pains, upset stomach, dizziness and  headaches? If you do, go to your doctor and ask for a carbon monoxide test. Go straight to the doctor because the carbon monoxide in your blood will soon drop once you are outside and your doctor may not detect it.

Are you a tenant? If you are, you should have a safety record from your landlord. And the law also states that your landlord should service the appliances in your home every year. Has your landlord fitted a carbon monoxide alarm? If not, get one yourself. Landlords who are found guilty of neglect may be fined or even sent to prison.

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from this silent killer is to get a carbon monoxide alarm which can detect low levels of the gas. It must be approved to BS EN 50291:2001 standard. Fit the alarm after your appliances have been serviced. Check the battery and sensor regularly to make sure it is still working. The effective life of a sensor is usually 5 to 6 years after which you should replace it.

Make sure your chimney is swept and checked every year.

Educate your family and friends about the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. You may be saving their life.