CO awarenesCarbon Monoxide Awareness is an independent registered charity run “entirely” by unpaid volunteers. The “Charity’s 9th Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week” runs from Monday 17th November to Sunday 23rd November 2014. The aim of the week is to warn those living/working in the UK that: ProSweep are proud to support the work of the charity and are committed to do our bit in raising awareness of Carbon Monoxide.

  • Carbon Monoxide is produced by the “incomplete combustion” of ANY hydrocarbon fuel coal, charcoal, wood, biomass, oil, petrol, diesel, natural gas and LPG and not just natural gas as so many people believe.
  • You can be poisoned by carbon monoxide while in your own home, from an adjoining property, in a car, campervan, caravan, tent, holiday accommodation or on a boat.
  • The need to get all their fuel burning appliances serviced and their chimney swept every year.
  • Letting tenants know what their landlords should do to protect them.
  • Please see:


So far this year

722 people have been hospitalised with Co Poisoning

47 Dead