Chimney Sweep ServicesBovey Tracey chimney sweep is reminding people to check their flues before lighting a warming winter fire, with a mild winter so far don’t put off having your chimney swept and push your luck and hope that you will not have a chimney fire.
ProSweep covers the whole of Teignbridge, including Chagford, Moretonhampstead, Dawlish, Chudleigh, as well as Torquay and Paignton and is fully trained and experienced, with a public liability insurance certificate available at all times for inspection. They are recognised by Devon Trading Standards and part of their Buy with Confidence scheme.
Using a brush and vacuum method of flue cleaning on traditional chimney flues he ensures that the sweeping process is effective while remaining dust free. In the case of flexible flue liners the newer ‘Power sweeping’ method may be used to ensure maximum soot and creosote removal while being gentle on the delicate stainless steel liner.
ProSweep said: “There are a number of factors that affect the efficiency of your chimney, and blockages are a key problem. Regular servicing by a qualified chimney sweep is essential. At ProSweep, we unblock your chimney as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimum disruption to your daily routine. We carry out bird nest removal to ensure your chimney is completely free of blockages.”
ProSweep’s guide to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Chimney Safety
Most people associate carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning with gas appliances. But there is more to it than that. You may not think an open fire or a solid fuel stove can pose a danger of carbon monoxide fumes. .
It is a lesser known fact that blocked chimneys or flues allow carbon monoxide to seep into your home and badly affect your health – or even kill you.
How can carbon monoxide build-up be caused?
Carbon monoxide fumes can build up due to a badly fitted chimney pot which can cause back pressure and send harmful fume emissions into the room. Similar problems can occur with open fires, stoves or oil boilers with chimneys or flues that are:
• Badly swept
• Un-swept for long periods
• Cracked or damaged
• wrongly fitted
• Blocked for any reason
Common causes of blocked chimneys:
• Remains of chimney fire debris
• Birds’ nests and spiders webs
• autumn leaves or foliage from climbing plants
• Building debris from repairs or renovations
Chimneys and flues allow carbon monoxide to invade living spaces without you knowing it. It has no smell or colour so you won’t know it’s there. The only clue will be that you or members of your family will feel unwell. At higher concentrations CO will cause you to collapse and possibly die.


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