Start Off the New Year with a Clean and Safe Chimney

At ProSweep, we love celebrating the arrival of a new year and the excitement and promises it brings. When you are making your resolutions for this New Year, remember your chimney. HETAS, The Solid Fuel Association and many other national fire safety groups all recommend that your chimney should be professionally swept and inspected at least once a year every year. These services are the most important maintenance steps to follow to keep your fire and chimney functioning properly and safely. If you tend to be forgetful, organising a specific time of the year for these services can be a good way to remind yourself to call us at ProSweep to book the appointment. Starting off the New Year with a clean and safe chimney will give you peace of mind for the normally colder part of the winter.why_risk_chimney_fire


Why is it recommended that chimneys should be professionally cleaned at least once a year every year?

The prevention of chimney fires is the main reason. When a ProSweep-Professional Chimney Sweep cleans your chimney, the removal of the deposits of creosote that have accumulated in the chimney is the top priority. If you have a wood-burning fire or stove, creosote is a fact of life. Developing naturally as a residue during combustion, creosote is extremely flammable. The leading cause of chimney fires, this natural compound can ignite whenever the internal temperature inside your chimney gets hot enough. When a ProSweep-Professional  chimney sweep clean your chimney or flue, we use our experience and training to carefully and thoroughly remove every bit of creosote that has built up in your chimney without leaving a mess in your home.

Get the New Year started with a clean and safe chimney. Contact us at ProSweep to book an appointment for your annual chimney sweep. We are members of Devon Trading Standards Buy With Confidence, and you can read what customers say about us here